Please Note: Reviews are absolutely anonymous throughout our applications as well as websites. Neither managers nor employees can identify or root out which employee left another employee an anonymous review. This is to protect everyone's privacy as well as to ensure that everyone feels safe to write critical or negative but necessary & honest reviews when needed without feeling judged.

To view reviews that you've received yourself, simply tap on your profile icon (profile picture) and check your average review scores as well as the average reviews within the company. Simply tap on either review score to view all of your reviews. Each review will have a rating with 1 - 5 stars as well as the review contents next to it.

To view a coworker's review score, simply navigate to a coworker's profile from the company tab → people sub-tab or company tab → teams sub-tab or from anywhere else in the application. To view a coworker's reviews, just tap the review scores. To leave a review for a coworker, simply tap Leave Review from a coworker's profile or reviews list.

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