To stay up-to-date with your real-time notifications, simply go to the notifications tab (bell icon). There are many types of notifications that will appear there, such as:

  1. When you check-in to work or check-out of work.
  2. When a coworker that you are following checks-in or out of work.
  3. When you get tagged to an activity, i.e. meetings, tasks or breaks.
  4. When someone else completes an open activity or reopens a closed activity, that you are tagged in.
  5. When your manager approves or rejects a time-off request that you've made.
  6. When an activity that you created or an activity that you are tagged in is about to start or end.
  7. When your work day is about start or end.
  8. When you receive an anonymous review from a coworker.

All types of notifications can and will appear here.

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