To manage employee work hour goals, simply click and go to the Goals tab.

You can separate work hour goals by any date range between two dates. The most important information that you'll see are:

  1. Total Employees: Total number of active employees in that time period.
  2. Total Hours Required: Total number of work hours required according all of the company's employee schedules.
  3. Total Hours Worked: Total number of hours actually worked by each active employee combined.
  4. Total Hours Forgiven: Total number of hours forgiven because of daily required breaks of 30 minutes or less for 4 hours or less of work per day and 1 hour for 4+ hours of work time. Note that breaks are forgiven by default as well.
  5. Total Hours Goal: Total number of hours reached towards the goal i.e. whether the total hours was more or less towards the goal. This is calculated in the following way: Total Hours Required - (Total Hours Worked + Total Hours Forgiven).

We also show each employee with the exact same information as above in a list format to better understand which employee may be overperforming or underperforming in terms of work hours.

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