To manage your company and workplaces information, simply click and go to the Workplaces tab. You can easily change your company name there if needed.

To add a new workplace, simply add the plus button (plus icon). You will then be prompted to enter a name for the new workplace as well as the address. You can easily add any address there and then increase or decrease the size of the workplace on the map to accurately manage and track your workplace location. 

To edit a workplace, simply click the edit button on a workplace and edit it's related information.

To delete a workplace, simply click the delete button next to a workplace.

To add a room inside any workplace, simply edit or add a new workplace and add a room name in the Add a room section. To edit a room, just tap on a room and edit its name.

Note #1: We currently only allow circular areas for workplaces.
Note #2
: We currently have a minimum of 100 meters radius for workplaces.

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