To view a list of all of your company's employees, simply go to the Employees tab. You will be able to see a list of all of your company's employees including yourself along with their names, job titles, phone numbers, email addresses and other related information. You can easily search and filter employees by various attributes.

To add a new employee, simply click the plus button (plus icon) and enter the necessary employee information. You can enter the employee's name, email, phone, job title and even the teams they are members of. You can also choose to make the new employee an admin or not. Lastly, you can easily add the employee's weekly Expected Schedule as well there in the section called Personal Schedule (Work Hours).

To add a group or bunch of employees at one time, simply create a .csv file (comma separated values) with the list of employees according to the given and expected format. All of your employees will be swiftly added if you follow the proper instructions to upload the list of employees.

To view the employee's work hours, simply scroll to the Work Hour Goals section i.e. to check whether the employee worked as much as you expected on any given day.

To view a list of reviews that an employee has anonymously received, you can simply click the Reviews button or scroll down to the Reviews section and click the view all button in the reviews section in the bottom. In the reviews list, you can easily delete any reviews that you may feel may be inappropriate or unwarranted.

To view the employee's performances analyzed in numbers and graphs, you can simply click on the Analytics button and view the charts of the Employee's work hours, activities, time-offs and so on.

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