The most suitable time for companies to start using Yazira is as soon as possible. If your company's problems and needs align with Yazira's solutions then it is the perfect time to start using Yazira now. 

There are very few reasons why your company should not be using Yazira right now and they are:

  1. If your company consists of mostly remote employees. For e.g. tech companies with remote engineers. 
  2. If your company has fewer than 5 employees. For e.g. really small startups or small businesses.
  3. If your company consists of employees who mostly work at different locations within a single day. For e.g. plumbers or handymen.
  4. If your company consists of employees who mostly are driving or flying to different locations every day. For e.g. truck drivers or pilots.
  5. If your company consists of employees who are primarily working for small time periods or events. For e.g. party planners.

Although Yazira isn't suitable for all companies right now, we are working hard to make it suitable for all types of companies to make their employees more productive, accountable and responsible.

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